Lindsey disappointed in Gotion funding being approved by Senate committee

Lindsey disappointed in Gotion funding being approved by Senate committee

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jonathan Lindsey, R-Allen, issued the following statement after the Democratic-led Senate Committee on Appropriations approved a funding measure to send state tax dollars to Chinese-based company Gotion Inc., despite opposition from residents, and both Democratic and Republican lawmakers:

“To say I am disappointed doesn’t truly depict the feeling I have for the Senate Appropriations Committee’s vote this afternoon. The Democratic majority continues to push Michigan backward and does so without any regard for the future of this state.

“Again and again, residents, lawmakers, former federal intelligence officials, among others, voiced their concerns with this proposal and the lack of transparent answers from Gotion officials. National security concerns were scoffed at and questions about the environmental impact went unanswered, while the answers the company did provide were often misleading and left out crucial information. Gotion Inc. and its representatives offered little to establish trust in the Big Rapids community and the state as a whole.

“This is not the recipe for a successful relationship and the company’s lack of transparency certainly doesn’t justify hundreds of millions in tax dollar investment.

“Our national relations with China continue to deteriorate, and the Chinese government has become more and more hostile to American companies and the American government. Despite this, and despite uncertainty about the future relationship between the two nations, Senate Democrats voted to send a Chinese Community Party-affiliated company hundreds of millions of dollars that could be invested elsewhere like our power grid, our infrastructure or American companies doing the same work that Gotion is doing.

“Senate Democrats are choosing foreign investment over American companies, which sends the message that our country isn’t worth investing in, all while ignoring a sea of red flags as they once again rush through a proposal that affects every single resident of this state.

“I have opposed this corporate giveaway on the basis of national security, lack of environmental oversight, and fiscal responsibility. The Democrats did not allow me an opportunity to vote on this measure, but my opposition has been constant from the beginning.”


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