Lindsey opposes partisan, pork-laden budgets

Lindsey opposes partisan, pork-laden budgets

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jonathan Lindsey, R-Allen, issued the following statement after the Senate passed partisan budget bills that squandered the state’s record surplus while failing to address the true needs of Michigan families:

“The budgets passed this week are the latest in a monthslong Democrat spending spree that has spent down the state’s record $9 billion surplus.

“This budget is filled with out-of-control spending and partisan priorities, while leaving the rest of the state behind to pick up the crumbs.

“Republicans offered nearly 200 commonsense amendments that either attempted to reel in spending, repurpose funds to be used on agreeable priorities, or put commonsense guardrails on how tax dollars are spent. I supported amendments to include additional funding for school safety; redirect a portion of surplus dollars to road repairs; prohibit forced medical procedures at taxpayer-funded universities; ensure no taxpayer dollars go to a business entity supportive of the Chinese Communist Party; and shift funds away from corporate welfare programs to be used for tax reduction and inflation relief.

“Unfortunately, each of these amendments were shot down by Democrats on the Senate floor in favor of a top-heavy, overly bloated state budget that leaves taxpayers on the hook for billions in reckless spending.

“This is not fiscal responsibility, this is not respect for the hardworking taxpayers, and this is not how government should function. I voted no on this pork-filled spending spree, though I did so in disappointment — disappointment in both the final product as well as the lack of willingness to work together to come up with a solid, responsible plan that put Michigan taxpayers first.”


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