Lindsey: Tax relief should address the needs of all Michiganders

Lindsey: Tax relief should address the needs of all Michiganders

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Jonathan Lindsey on Thursday introduced an amendment to proposed tax reforms that would reduce the state’s income tax from its current 4.25% to 0% and called for simple, equitable relief for all Michigan families and seniors.

“Tax relief is a major priority, but the plans proposed by Senate Democrats are woefully inadequate when it comes to addressing the actual issues people are facing,” said Lindsey, R-Allen. “These bills leave countless people with no relief at all.”

Lindsey introduced an amendment to eliminate the income tax altogether and provide meaningful, immediate relief to every hardworking taxpayer. His amendment makes him the only lawmaker to propose an immediate elimination of the state’s income tax this term.

“My goal is to get out in front of the issue and stop the government from taking people’s money in the first place,” Lindsey said. “We’re sitting on a record surplus of dollars that belong to the people of this state. We don’t need a long, drawn out reform. We need bold action that gets government out of people’s pockets and focuses on responsible, conservative budgeting of state resources.”

The senator also supported efforts to provide tax relief to all Michigan seniors instead of just exempting pensions from the state income tax, as proposed by the Democratic majority.

“The plan pushed by my Democratic colleagues only helps a fraction of Michigan seniors,” Lindsey said. “Their plan would provide tax relief for those receiving pensions but leaves millions of Michiganders with a 401(k) or IRA and working seniors behind.”

The senator argued that it’s an issue of fairness and that the state shouldn’t be handpicking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars.

“Everyone who works sends tax dollars to the state, and tax relief should be simple and apply across the board to everyone who worked and sent their money to Lansing — especially at a time when so many are struggling with out-of-control costs,” Lindsey said. “I’m committed to working on measures that actually address the needs of people who are struggling and will not support efforts that help a select few, while leaving everyone else who paid their fair share behind.”


Editor’s note: Video of Lindsey is available by clicking here, or on the senator’s website at


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